Science and Technology Driven Impact

We are a team of sustainability and marketing specialists who believe in the power of businesses in creating change and in driving economic, social and environmental sustainability​. 

We believe in the collective mind and its power in creating positive impact. Last, but definitely not the least, we believe in the leadership of science in each step we take on the way to a more sustainable world.


​WE.Q.'s power resides in our expertise to combine a purpose-driven business strategy with innovative marketing and new technologies to generate greater impact. ​​We are here to put "profit with purpose" into action. ​We do research and offer strategic, stakeholder oriented advise on sustainability to build a better future. For all.



  • SSE Stakeholder Sustainability Expectations

  • SCI Supply Chain Impact ​Assessment

  • SIA Social Impact Assesment

  • SBP Sustainable Brand Positioning

  • MA Market Analysis

  • CP Custom Panels


  • Tech-Oriented Sustainability Strategy Development

  • Stakeholder Oriented Sustainability Strategy 

  • Inclusive Business Strategy Development

  • Sustainability Strategy Alignment with UN SDGs

  • Sustainable Brand Positioning

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Employee Volunteering Management

  • Employee Branding ​Strategy and Management

  • Corporate Trainings and Workshops